What is Hypnotherapy?

Dr Lindsay Martin from Clifton Beach Medical and Surgical explains what hypnotherapy is.

Video Transcription Below.

Dr Lindsay Martin MBBS (Hons), MPM, FRANZCP, DPH – Insights on Hypnotherapy

Hello. Today we’re going to be talking about hypnosis, otherwise called hypnotherapy. Hypnosis has been used for centuries. Today it is recognised by the scientific community as an effective healing tool in order to treat a range of medical disorders that have primarily a psychological or emotional origin. We can use hypnosis to change unhelpful, unwanted attitudes, perceptions, sensations and behaviours. But, what is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is essentially the method of inducing a trance, a dreamlike state of deep relaxation and with this comes a focused awareness of your internal world.

Essentially, our brain has many different levels of consciousness or awareness. Ranging from being fully alert, to drowsy, to fully asleep and with this all number of variations in between. Hypnotic states or trance-like states occur naturally and spontaneously. Have you ever been daydreaming? Have you been so absorbed in a monotonous task that you lose track of time? Have you driven for a long period of time and got to a place and realised that you’ve driven on autopilot? Have you ever been lulled into a dreamlike state by a boring, boring speech? In those instances you are in a very relaxed state of awareness, you were in a trance. Why would we induce a trance? Once we know that brain is in this deeply relaxed but highly focused state, any of the therapeutic suggestions that we would like to impart are actually taken up in a much greater way. They have a much greater impact on attitudes, perceptions,  sensations, or the behaviours we’re trying to change.

Hypnosis in itself promotes a particular form of brainwave activity that allows the mind to take in and incorporate new ideas as if they’re your own ideas.

It allows us to access what we refer to as the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is so much more open to new ideas than the rational conscious mind that we are so much more aware of. Our conscious, rational mind is already pre-programmed to doubt, to question, to keep the status quo. It is the voice that will undermine changes and suggestions because we are programmed to repeat the script that we have already internalised from our very, very early experiences.


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