What Happens In A Hypnotherapy Consultation?

Dr Lindsay Martin from Clifton Beach Medical and Surgical explains what you can expect in a hypnotherapy consultation.

Video Transcription Below.

Dr Lindsay Martin MBBS (Hons), MPM, FRANZCP, DPH – Insights on Hypnotherapy

What should I expect during a hypnotherapy consultation?

So, basically what we start off doing is, I would invite you to take a seat upon my couch for instance. However, if that’s not what you like and you want to sit and be more actively involved, you can stay seated, however, we do suggest get yourself comfortable, feel relaxed, really get into a position that you know you’re not going to wriggle around or be annoyed by clothing. Okay, then I go through what’s called an induction during an induction what I am doing is literally talking you into thinking about yourself, I’m encouraging you to focus upon your internal thoughts. The more you focus upon your internal thoughts, the more and more you move into a trance state. We may, for instance, use a graded relaxation exercise and literally that is talking you through a relaxation from head to toe and as you move through that relaxation you are releasing energy and you are becoming more and more focused upon your inner world. At times we will use a script where we will encourage you to for instance walk down steps, or we may ask you to open up your mind’s eye and start looking very, very closely.  Anything that literally gets you to listen and focus. By facilitating the focus you are literally becoming hypnotised. It takes a couple of minutes to induce a relaxed state. Once you have achieved a very relaxed state we can actually determine that by many of the physiological changes that we will see whilst you’re in that state. At that time we will then proceed to use the script and to read that script and to read those suggestions. If at any stage during that process we sense that there is distress and we can certainly see that in the change in your behaviour or physiological changes we will assist you coming back out of the trance once we’ve read the script and the suggestions have been made, we will then bring you slowly back to the room. After that, you’re wide awake feeling hopefully very relaxed and it’s an opportunity for you then to process the material that’s been placed. When we place suggestions, these will slowly be incorporated into your dialogue, into your internal dialogue. Changes may not happen overnight, we often will use a series of hypnotherapy sessions in order to achieve what we are we are hoping for.



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