It’s Summer time in Cairns and every Cairns local knows that it is all fun and games until someone gets taken by a Tiger Shark… But seriously, what are the real risk factors for Cairns locals this summer?

It is true that summer means Snake season in Cairns and everyone should be very aware of their surroundings when in areas where snakes may live. With that being said, there is a significantly higher chance that you or a loved one may end up requiring medical attention due to food poisoning rather than from snake venom.
Be careful during food preparation and be aware of how long food (particularly a great local seafood) is left out in the summer heat. Food poisoning can cause serious complications for suffers and may require urgent medical attention.
Clifton Beach Medical have highly experience GP’s ready to assist if you or your family experience food poisoning this summer.

Many parents express their concern for major traffic accidents (car crashes etc.) and their potential impacts on their newly mobile children on bicycles. While we should all be aware of the risks associated with cars and children on bikes, it is also important that parents are aware of the much more likely outcome that their child may be a victim of a simpler fall from their bicycle.
There are a range of injuries that can be incurred as a result of a basic fall from a bicycle, from broken bones to cuts and abrasions. Ensure that your children have the appropriate safety equipment on, including an approved helmet, to avoid even the more “harmless” injuries while riding this summer.
Doctors at Clifton Beach Medical are fully equipped to perform most minor surgical procedures that may be required following bike incidents*.

For all the venomous and poisonous creepy-crawlies and critters in Cairns, it is somewhat surprising that common wound infections are usually the most dangerous injury sustained by locals involved in outdoor activities. Infections result from bacteria or other infectious agents colonising us, the host, often via a wound or other injury.
As bacteria love warm, humid conditions, Cairns is a prime location for bacteria to thrive. Always be sure to effectively clean any cuts or abrasions with water and apply antiseptic/antibacterial treatments as a first aid measure.
Always seek further advice from a doctor if you feel that any wound has become infected. Clifton Beach Medical has experienced doctors that are equipped to perform most minor surgical procedures.

Cairns is home to the two most venomous marine animals in the world, the Box Jellyfish and the Irukandji Jellyfish. Thankfully, we only receive one or two Jellyfish related injuries per year. One the other hand, each summer we receive an influx of people (especially young children) suffering from Tropical Ear infections. These infections result in immense pain for sufferers and must be treated as soon as possible to reduce distress and possible further injury.
When swimming, be sure to effectively drain and dry your ears to avoid Tropical Ear (AKA Swimmer’s Ear). If you or your family experience any pain or tother sign of an ear infection, contact your doctor to seek treatment on the infection as soon as possible. Clifton Beach Medical have doctors to provide medical assistance for pre-natal, post-natal infant care, children, adults, and the elderly.

Mother Nature can be a cruel beast to us up here in NQ. Summer in Cairns means Cyclone season, and we are all rightfully aware of the risks associated with Cyclone activity. However, Cyclones are part and parcel of this part of our sunburnt country, and the majority of us take the necessary precautions to stay Cyclone safe. Everyday day however, too many of us forget that sunburn causes 95% of melanomas (the most deadly form of skin cancer) diagnosed in our sunburnt country. Plan your outdoor activities to ensure that you can Slip, Slop, Slap, and avoid the sun altogether when you can to stay safe from sunburn.
Cairns locals are also advised to get regular Skin Cancer checks from their doctor to allow for early detection and treatment.
Clifton Beach Medical doctors are able to provide skin cancer checks and our surgery is well equipped to check, detect, and perform minor surgery*.

*GENERAL NOTICE – Always seek professional advice from your doctor on the risks associated with treatment for any of the above mentioned matters, especially with regards to surgical or invasive procedures.

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