How to Prepare for Travel with Medication

Dr Clare Applegarth from Clifton Beach Medical and Surgical discusses what to consider when travelling with medication.


Video Transcription Below.

Dr Clare Applegarth, MBBS, FRACGP, Diploma in Child Health, BA, BSc.

If you take regular medications, make sure that you have enough to last you for your whole trip. If that means that you’re going for longer than a month, your GP may be able to authorise for you to collect a few month’s supply at a time. It’s very important to take a letter with you explaining why you may be travelling with larger volumes of medications. If you’re taking strong painkillers or scheduled drugs, it’s very important that this doesn’t become an issue for you at customs. So, check with your doctor about what may be required to help you to travel safely with these drugs.——

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