How does hypnosis work?

Dr Lindsay Martin from Clifton Beach Medical and Surgical takes a moment to explain how hypnosis works.

Video Transcription Below.

Dr Lindsay Martin MBBS (Hons), MPM, FRANZCP, DPH – Insights on Hypnotherapy

What happens is that we will design a script that is read during the process of hypnosis. That script will contain many positive suggestions regarding change. Those suggestions are then heard in a very, very suggestible state. Over time, those suggestions become thoughts that you have regarding yourself. They start to become incorporated in your own self-talk. They start to feel like they belong to you.

The difference between suggestion under hypnosis and suggestion just in the interview statement is that when someone is very, very focused on their internal world the change is faster, the change is more effective. The opportunity to integrate the suggestion occurs without the usual barriers. For instance, when we talk in therapy and a suggestion is made, many times there will be cognitive barriers to adopting that suggestion. We already have a lot of negative self-talk or critical self-talk that will poo poo that statement. So, when somebody suggests something to us, our brain overrides those suggestions in many, many ways. “I can’t be that,” “no, they’re wrong,” “no, no, no, they don’t know what they’re talking about,” “oh yes, that’s a very lovely thing to think, but I know already that that’s not going to be helpful,” “I’ve already tried thinking that it doesn’t work.” These are the sorts of barriers that we come up against. When you’re in a hypnotic state, these barriers don’t come up. You are focused upon your inner world, you are not listening and responding to what’s being suggested. You are accepting the suggestions without issue, that is why hypnosis is often more effective.

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