Food and Water Safety When Travelling Overseas

Dr Clare Applegarth from Clifton Beach Medical and Surgical discusses food and water safety while travelling.


Video Transcription Below.

Dr Clare Applegarth, MBBS, FRACGP, Diploma in Child Health, BA, BSc., my name is Dr. Clare from Clifton Beach Medical and Surgical and today we’re going to talk about food and drinking water safety while travelling.

When you’re overseas, remember, always drink bottled water, or if this is unavailable bring water to the boil for one minute prior to consuming it and if you choose to have ice in your drinks make sure that this has been made from safe water. If you’re going to eat street food, make sure you make choices that are still hot and cooked in front of you rather than that which may have been laying around for some time. For raw fruit and vegetables be really careful, particularly with salads, as these may have been washed in contaminated water.—–

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