Dr Stu Phillips Speaks about Mental health and the role you GP should play

At Clifton Beach medical and Surgical we have been lucky enough to have Dr Stu Phillips as a resident GP here for many years. Over this time he has been at the forefront of assisting people with not only physical medical conditions, but also mental health issues.

Dr Stu Phillips wanted to share some of his wisdom about mental health and the role a good GP should play. In this video he shares some stories and his thoughts, and symptoms to look out for, in regards to depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.

In particular he share a story about a man who was experiencing physical symptoms, and after unsuccessful treatment over many months by physio’s etc, it became apparent there was an underlying factor. Dr Stu Phillips helped the man see the correlation between a mental health condition and a physical symptom. When he started treating an underlying PTSD issue, his physical symptoms rapidly abated.

We encourage you to watch and listen to Dr Stu Phillips as he encourages any one who maybe feeling any form of mental issue, to please seek help from their GP, at least as a first port of call. And if your GP doesn’t listen, find another GP who does, it is so important for you, and for the people around you.

A huge thanks to Dr Stu Phillips for allowing us to capture and share some of his wisdom.