Dr Lindsay Martin is a Neurodevelopmental Psychiatrist and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist; with our team at Clifton Beach Medical & Surgical.  Her practice brings to the Northern Beaches twenty-two years psychiatric experience across public and private psychiatric sectors. Dr Martin is accustomed to a variety of medical environments including, but not limited to Paediatrics, Neurological medicine, Emergency & trauma.  She has advanced training in EMDR, Hypnotherapy and Neurofeedback.  Dr Martin also maintains her capacity as Telehealth Service Provider.

Dr Martin brings expertise in diagnostic assessment; management of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Complex Trauma; she also provides an extensive Medicolegal Psychiatry Practice drawing upon both her forensic experience and her excellent understanding of the interface between mental health and the law.  She is fully ABIME certified.  Dr Martin works closely with Defence alongside Red Health, MLRSA and Far North Queensland legal services.  She works collaboratively with an experienced team of local psychologists, mental health social workers and specialist health practitioners.  Dr Martin continues to extend her time to teaching and clinical supervision; and has a burgeoning interest in research.

Dr Martin’s greatest strengths are her enthusiasm and her keen understanding of her patients.

Consultant Psychiatrist
Dynamic Psychotherapist
ABIME AMA 5th Edition
ACFED Approved Practitioner