Cosmetic Treatments Cairns – TOP 5 CAIRNS ANTI-AGING TIPS



5 –      Understand Ageing

For your own peace of mind, it is important to understand the healthy signs of ageing skin when considering any anti-aging treatments. Thinning, sagging, wrinkles, age spots, dryness and broken blood vessels are all signs of natural and healthy skin ageing.


4 –      Be Gentle

Some signs of ageing can be exacerbated by certain chemicals and skin irritants. Be wary of using perfumed skin products (soaps, body wash etc.), chlorinated swimming pools and even taking long hot showers as these activities may have adverse effects on the skin. Always try to use products that are pH-balanced (not too acidic or too alkaline).


3 –      Use Moisturisers

Dry skin is far more likely to show up signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Regularly using moisturisers can help to keep the skin moist which may reduce the appearance of fine lines. It is important to note that no moisturising product has ever been proven to reverse the ageing process and we would strongly recommend speaking to your doctor prior to purchasing any expensive moisturisers.


2 –      Don’t Smoke!

On top of being proven to cause numerous serious medical conditions, cigarette smoke has been proven to promote skin damage such as wrinkling. As if this isn’t alarming enough for smokers, smoking is also being linked to the acceleration of sun damage to the skin.


1 –      Be Sun Smart

There is a very good reason that most moisturisers now contain sunscreen. Sun exposure has been proven to accelerate the ageing of skin. Due to our sunny weather and outdoor lifestyles in North Queensland, we are at even greater risk of over-exposure to the sun, more so than other parts of the country. To ensure healthy and youthful looking skin, always wear a hat, clothes with good coverage, SPF30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen and sunglasses (preferably with an EPF rating of 9 or 10 or UV protection category of 2-4).


Cosmetic Treatments Cairns

For more information on anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments in Cairns, contact Dr Caroline MacLeod MD, MPHTM at Clifton Beach Medical & Surgical. Dr MacLeod is an expert in Cosmetic Medicine and specialises in Facial Enhancements, including Facial Fillers and Injectables.

Remember that if you are considering any form of cosmetic treatment, always speak to your doctor beforehand and make sure you understand the potential risks, complications and side effects. Never seek cosmetic treatment from anyone that isn’t a qualified doctor.